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The act of falling: nowhere

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“The act of falling: nowhere” is video about the trajectory of a “falling-on-earth” meteorite which crosses the 360° screen installation never crashing into the ground.
The falling meteorite crosses several panoramas, all of them are places from the Atacama desert of Chile. The paradox is the place: In Chile there are severals observatory stations and radio telescopes which are constantly monitoring the universe, while a meteorite is passing right there, pretty fast and pretty close to the structures. It’s like a sign. We see also the ”Moon valley”, a vulcano 6000mt high. A leftover smashed truck. these are all views, letter from a “on the road” trip in the desert.
I got inspiration from the movies by Inarritu: in the city or the wood suddenly the director wants to insert a falling meteorite. It’s a comment, a note, it doesn’t involve with the story of the movie, but it’s there, reminding us anything can happen while we are following our dreams, or solving our problems.

Video installation at NoD 360 Gallery, Prague

12. 4. – 7. 5. 2016
Curator: Veronika Zajačiková

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